Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back to School Haircuts for $7.99

It's Customer Appreciation time at Great Clips in Rancho Sahuarita by Frys. They are offering haircuts from now thru 8/6/10 for only $7.99 each. What a deal!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Famous FootWear Facebook Coupon $10 off - but it expires today.

If you "like" Famous Footwear on Facebook and become a fan you can get a $10 off coupon towards the purchase of $10 or more. The coupon is good on shoe purchases only and expires today. It is not good online. It is good on clearance items so you could potentially get a really good deal!!!!  There are a few brands on the coupon that it is not valid for like Skechers Shape Ups.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Toys R US - or Toys 4 US as my son calls it :) -Wild for School Sale

Toys R US has a great deal going on right now -when you buy any back pack for $12.99 or more you get a free lunch kit. They have a really great selection of  backpacks ie.. Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Sponge Bob, Toy Story  and many more They also have some plainer styles that older kids would prefer as well.  Here is the link to check out the different styles.

Thank you to our contributing editor Laura B for finding this deal!! If you have deals you think others would like to know about please email/ or facebook them to me and I will put them on the blog!!! Happy Shopping!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Free Slurpies!!!

Free Slurpies at participating 7-11 stores tomorrow Sunday 7/11!!! Sounds like a plan to me!!!

Kids Eat Free at Peter Piper Pizza on Monday Nights

At Peter Piper Pizza -on Monday nights from 5p-7p kids get their own personal pizza free!!!

Free movie tickets for good report cards at Desert Sky Cinema in Green Valley

Desert Sky Cinema in Green Valley will give your child two free movie tickets for straight A's 
and one free movie ticket for A's and B's. You must present the most recent quarters report card.

Also they have a special on Tuesdays for Adults - Two Adult Movie Tickets, 1 Popcorn and 2 Fountain Drinks for $25.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tubac Independence Day Celebration is the 3rd not the 4th this year!

There are a couple of websites ( including the Tubac Chamber of Commerce) that state that the celebration is on the 4th but I spoke to the Golf Resort who handles the fireworks today and she confirmed that it is on the 3rd and that they are aware they need to update their websites. Sorry for any confusion!

5 Paper Crafts Projects to Fight Off Summer Boredom- sara simons

The question every parent has in mind this summer is what to do with eager young hands and minds during the vacation months? While summer camp may be an option for some, it's not for everybody. With the economy taking its toll, many parents are looking for ways to cut down on expenses. I would like to offer a 'creative' solution to this summer's cabin fever.
Using just a little bit of effort and the right supplies, parents can gear kids up to an unbelievable summer of fun and learning all in one. With hundreds of unique arts and crafts supplies to choose from online, you can create a tailor-made summer camp experience for your own children. Fill each day this summer with fun activities, games and craft projects specifically geared to individual skills that your child enjoys or wants to strengthen. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

1.Silhouette Paper Cutouts: The stark contrast of sleek black on white (or vice versa) creates a dramatic effect, making it the ideal material for silhouette paper cutout projects. Trace a design, picture or element onto on side/color. Using a scissors or X-acto knife, cut out your design. Remember, the more gaps and spaces you leave in your design, the nicer the finished product will be. Using clear adhesive, adhere the cutout to the opposite color for a beautiful and unusual decoration item.

2.Effervescent Efflorescence: Make a magical wonderland with metallic paper floral displays. Cut out different flowers, leaves and plants from various colors of the shiny and reflective metallic paper and stick to the walls, doors, furniture or staircases. This can be done during the holiday season, for a special occasion, to announce a surprise like color war or a party, or as exciting decorations to spice up an ordinary day. You can also use this fabulously fun craft idea to decorate a child's bedroom, nursery or playroom with jungle, meadow or forest themes.

3.Kingly &Queenly Crafts: Metallic paper is also ideal for crowing your children as royalty. The super shiny material can be made into crowns, scepters, and other royal accoutrements. For added adventure and fun, tape metallic paper cutouts onto real life items such as gold jewelry, silver goblets, and precious jewels in a treasure box. Kids love the exciting sparkle of this paper, and there's no end to the imagination of a young child's mind.

4.Secret Message Cards: Kids love the mystery of this fun and entertaining project. First, decide on a message. This can be "Happy Birthday, Joey", "We love you, Mommy", "Meet me at the clubhouse at 5", or anything else your child wants to encode. Next, take a piece of our super reflective mirror board paper and fold it in half so the mirrored surface is on the inside. Write your message on the right side of the card…but write it backwards! People have a ball using the opposite reflective surface to decode your hidden message.

5.Scrapbooking Sentiments: Scrapbooks are a fabulous project for kids that will not just keep them busy for hours at a time and weeks on end, but will also give them a beautiful keepsake forever. From misty vellum paper, to convenient gummed paper, has a huge variety of specialty paper that will make your scrapbook really stand out. Capture those found memories in a unique and everlasting vessel of nostalgia, love and laughs.

These are just a few of the fabulous ideas that are waiting for your child to embrace. With all the topnotch craft supplies available online, you might have a hard time deciding which to choose for your summer activities reserve. That's OK because you should definitely stock up on useful craft kits that come with all the ingredients you will need for making the ultimate banquet of frugal summer crafting fun. This summer, save yourself time, money and a lot of heartache by crafting an unforgettable vacation filled with exciting learning opportunities and craft projects for every kid.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tubac - Independence Day Celebration Update 3rd of July or 4th of July???

FYI - There are two Tubac websites that state the 4th of Celebration is going to be held on the 4th of July but when I called the resort today they stated the newsletter states the celebration is on the 3rd.  I will be calling the Chamber of Commerce for Tubac tomorrow just to make sure and will post with the update tomorrow.

Friday, June 25, 2010

El Charro Cafe - Rancho Sahuarita- Have you been yet?

We took my Dad to lunch recently at the new El Charro Cafe. We loved it. It is beautifully decorated and the food was fantastic! I had the shrimp tacos and they were delicious! My husband had the beef combination plate and loved his meal too. My Dad had a chicken salad and it came with a very generous portion of grilled seasoned chicken. (Honestly, who orders a chicken salad at a Mexican restaurant?:) )The staff was very helpful and friendly. When I walked in they offered me a glass of water with lemon while I waited for the rest of my party. Our waitress was very attentive and made sure we always had what we needed. The patio looks like it will be a happening spot once it cools down a bit. The prices start at $7.95 and go up to about $14.95.
We can't wait to try the Sunday Brunch.  It's $10.95 for adults and only $2.95 for kids.
They offer a happy hour daily from 3p-6p with deals on food/drinks. They feature live music on the weekends.
The children's menu offers grilled chicken strips, grilled cheese torta, beef taco, beef nachos, bean burro, quesadilla, or chicken nuggets. It also includes rice, beans, (or fruit or french fries for a $1 more) and a drink for only  $3.95.  Root beer floats and churros are available for dessert.
El Charro is a partner with Tucson Value's Teachers. Teachers can present their TVT card or proof of employment on Tuesdays for 2 for 1 entrees.
We can't wait to go back and try it again!

Here is a fun little freebie in the Sahuarita Frys

If you go to the area in Fry's where the make up is, look for and end cap with an offer for a free coloring book of either Animal Planet or Alvin and the Chimpmunks with the purchase of two products such as Colgate toothpaste or Soft Soap. I purchased two $1 dollar Colgate toothpastes and got a really cute free coloring book.  It could have been even cheaper if I had used my coupon for the toothpaste from the Sunday paper but of course I didn't have it with me.